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 Real Projects … Real Achievements ...
Working relentlessly with a clear vision & action strategy based on results & ‎achievements, focusing on planning and building nuclear projects which constitute the ‎basic building blocks necessary to implement Jordan’s nuclear program, and transfer the ‎kingdom into the nuclear age

Central Storage Facility for Sophisticated Storage of Radioactive Waste (CSF)‎

The central facility for the sophisticated storage of radioactive waste (CSF) is another ‎step in the development of Jordan’s nuclear program. The project was designed, ‎engineered,and constructed by Jordanians with the support and assistance of the US ‎department of energy and the IAEA. The facility will serve as an interim storage for all of ‎Jordan's radioactive waste, disused radioactive sources, and radioactive waste from ‎various national institutions will be‎ gathered, conditioned managed stored and monitored ‎in a safe and well-secured environment inside the CSF, thus ‎Protecting our Country , our People and our Environment

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Jordan’s First Nuclear Facility

Bringing years of experience and education ‎to design and build Jordan subcritical ‎reactor ‎‎(JSA), this reactor is being constructed at Jordan University of Science and Technology, ‎and will be used ‎mainly for the education and training of ‎nuclear engineering students.  ‎JSA is ‎Jordan’s first nuclear facility … from idea to ‎realization … see how it is being ‎built
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Jordan’s First Nuclear Reactor

This is the Jewel of all of my projects, and a life-‎long dream to build a nuclear reactor in ‎Jordan. See how hard work and ‎persistence overcame limited resources, putdowns, fear, ‎envy and setbacks to give birth to this project.‎
The 5-MW multipurpose reactor is the focal point for a complete nuclear technology ‎center; the project will take 56 months to complete, during which I will be leading a team ‎of Jordanian engineers, and working with K/D (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute ‎and Daewoo Engineering and Construction) to build not only a nuclear reactor but a true ‎Masterpiece of engineering.‎

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 NED Students 2010 Nuclear Engineering Department (NED)
Recognizing the vital importance of nuclear knowledge, and that human capacity ‎building is the first step in the effective planning and implementation of a successful ‎nuclear power program, my first mission was to establish the Nuclear Engineering ‎department at JUST. Starting from scratch to develop the curriculum, design laboratories, ‎attract students and faculty, see how I singlehandedly established the first and only such ‎department /program in Jordan.

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 Nuclear Fuel Cycle Laboratories (NFCL)
The need to have a national laboratory capable of measuring and analyzing Uranium ‎concentrations in ore samples collected from prospecting areas in Jordan, was the driving ‎force behind the establishment of the uranium laboratory (NFCL). ‎
This was one of the first projects I started with a small team of three Jordanians, the lab ‎capabilities in performing chemical and physical analysis and it’s internationally ‎recognized accurate results serve as a testament that leadership and teamwork can lead to ‎success.‎

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