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Nuclear engineering is the engineering discipline concerned with the application and utilization of nuclear energy and radiation. This unique engineering discipline, spans engineering systems from the microscopic world of atoms and subatomic particles to the gigantic world of devices and power systems.

A Nuclear Engineer must have the ability to think on both of these levels, and to switch his thinking from the subatomic level and what happened on that level, to the gigantic level of huge engineering systems of power and how both of these worlds interact and effect each other.

Nuclear Engineers work on the design, analysis, development, construction, testing, operation and maintenance of nuclear fission / fusion systems and components, specifically, Nuclear reactors, Nuclear power plants and Nuclear weapons. The field extends to the utilization of radiation in Manufacturing, Agriculture, Medicine, Biomedical devices, and the management of radioactive waste 

The greatest challenge that most developing countries will face in their effort to introduce nuclear power will be having a strong cadre of nuclear engineers and experts.

Countries embarking on a nuclear development program must recognize the vital importance of nuclear knowledge, and that the first step in the effective planning & implementation of a successful nuclear power program is Human capacity building.

Planning, Negotiating, Contracting Procuring, Building, Licensing, Operating, Regulating, etc  Can't be done without qualified nuclear experts


Insights on the Importance of Human Resource Planning in a Nuclear Power ‎Program :Jordan's ‎experience

Ned Xoubi
Nuclear Power Middle East & North Africa 2010‎ Conference‎
‎23 Pages, 2.6Mb, pdf‎
Vienna - Austria‎
September 28-29,  2010‎

Download the Presentation
Nuclear HR Development: Jordan’s Approach to the Challenge

Ned Xoubi
IAEA Workshop on Workforce Planning and Human Resource Development
‎33 Pages, 1.6Mb, pdf‎
Amman, Jordan
‎28th February – 4th March 2010 ‎

Download the Presentation





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