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Jordan Engineers Association (JEA)   

The Jordanian Engineers Association is the professional trade union of all ‎engineers in Jordan, and is the largest trade union in the country with over ‎‎84,000 members. Membership is mandatory for all practicing engineers, It ‎was founded in 1972‎

Website link: http://www.jea.org.jo/home/index.jsp

American Nuclear Society (ANS) ‎
‎555 North Kensington Avenue‎
La Grange Park, Illinois 60526, U.S.A.‎

The American Nuclear Society is a not-for-profit, international, scientific and ‎educational organization.  It was established by a group of individuals who ‎recognized the need to unify the professional activities within the diverse ‎fields of nuclear science and technology. ANS has over 11,000 members.‎

Website link
: http://www.ans.org/

Australian Nuclear Association (ANA)
PO Box 85‎
NSW 2210 Australia

The Australian Nuclear Association Inc (ANA) is an independent ‎incorporated scientific institution made up of persons drawn from the ‎professions, business, government and universities, with an interest in ‎nuclear topics. ‎

Website link: http://www.nuclearaustralia.org.au/index.html

Belgian Nuclear Society BNS
c/o SCK-CEN 
Avenue Hermann Debrouxlann, 40 - B-1160
Brussels - Belgium

The Belgian Nuclear Society is a scientific society,  its main goal is to disseminate technical or societal information related to peaceful applications of nuclear energy. It will also promote education in nuclear science, and enhance professional and personal relations between the members, BNS has more than 250 members

Website link:

Canadian Nuclear Society (CNS)  ‎
‎480 University Avenue‎
Toronto, ON. Canada

The CNS is dedicated to the exchange of information in the field of applied ‎nuclear science and technology. This encompasses all aspects of nuclear ‎energy, uranium, fission and other nuclear technologies such as ‎occupational and environmental protection, medical diagnosis and treatment, ‎the use of radioisotopes, and food preservation

Website link:  http://www.cns-snc.ca/home


French Nuclear Energy Society (SFEN) ‎
‎5 , rue des Morillons, ‎
‎75015 Paris. France

Website link: http://www.sfen.org/‎
POB 78‎
FI-02151 Espoo Finland

The Finnish Nuclear Society, was founded in 1966, with the advent of ‎nuclear technology applications in Finland. As a scientific society, ATS has a ‎broad scope of activities encompassing all aspects of nuclear engineering ‎and science.

Website link:  http://www.ats-fns.fi/‎

  Atomic Energy Society of Japan (AESJ)
‎3-7, Shimbashi 2-chome, Minato-ku
Tokyo 105-0004, Japan ‎

Promotion of research and development in peaceful use of nuclear energy ‎for contribution to human society,  AESJ has more than 7000 members.

Website link:

  Korean Nuclear Society (KNS)‎
P.O. Box 105‎
Daejong 305-600, Korea (South) ‎

The Korean Nuclear Society (KNS) was established in 1969 for the purpose ‎of contributing to the development of nuclear science and technology, ‎pursuing the academic and technological progress, and promoting ‎cooperation between the members, today KNS has more than 2,700 ‎members.‎

Website link: http://www.nuclear.or.kr/index.php



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