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  Jordan Subcritical Reactor (JSA)
Bringing years of experience and education ‎to design and build Jordan subcritical ‎reactor ‎‎(JSA), as part of our nuclear infrastructure this is Jordan’s first nuclear facility. From the ‎dawn of the nuclear age Subcritical Reactors were an essential part of nuclear ‎engineering training & reactor laboratories around the world, this is how successful ‎nuclear nations built their nuclear programs, and moving Jordan into the nuclear age ‎requires vision and knowledge of how to get there.‎

The simple construction, low cost, and short construction time were the main driving ‎forces for creating this project, which meant having hands-on educational tool for teaching, ‎training and experimental research of nuclear engineering students and trainees.‎

This reactor is constructed at the Nuclear Engineering Department (NED) Jordan ‎University of Science and Technology (JUST), and will be used ‎mainly for the education ‎and training of ‎nuclear engineering students. ‎
It is one of the most effective tools for educating & training nuclear engineering students ‎& scientists, its simple construction (Fuel & Moderator) in an open tank, allows students ‎to change core configuration, work very close to the core, observe and see every part of ‎the reactor, and obtain a clear physical picture of the basic features of a reactor in a way ‎that is impossible in power or research reactors

The following Nuclear Experiments can be preformed using JSA:‎

1. Approach-to-Criticality Experiment

2. Axial Flux distribution measurement

3. Radial Flux distribution measurement

4. Absolute Flux measurement

5. Rossi-α method

6. Feynman-α method

7. Source-jerk Experiment

8. Fuel void Effect ‎

9. Control rod (poison) Effect


  Jordan’s First Nuclear Facility
    Project Overview of Jordan's First Nuclear Facility

Ned Xoubi
CEA Mission on the SAR of Subcritical Assemblies
Project overview presentation to the French expert mission on the ‎safety of subcritical assembly by JSA project manager.‎
32 Pages, 3.8 Mb, pdf
Amman – Jordan‎
December 5, 2010‎
Download the Presentation
  The  Engineering  & Construction of Jordan Subcritical Assembly

Ned Xoubi
Presentation to the nuclear engineering students and faculty at ‎Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST).‎
Al-Karama ‎Auditorium, JUST
34 Pages, 3.3 Mb, pdf
Ramtha - Jordan
March 8th, 2010‎‎
Download the Presentation
  The  Engineering  & Construction of Jordan’s First Nuclear ‎Facility‎

Ned Xoubi
Invited presentation to the IEEE Jordan Section introducing the ‎subcritical assembly project.‎
Faculty of Engineering and Technology
The University of Jordan
21 Pages, 2.4 Mb, pdf
Amman - Jordan
December 7th, 2009‎
Download the Presentation

The Design  & Construction of  a SubCritical Reactor (JSA)‎

Ned Xoubi
Invited presentation to the International Symposium on Nuclear ‎Energy introducing the subcritical assembly project.‎
‎2nd International Symposium on Nuclear Energy  (ISNE-09)‎ 
15 Pages, 1.7 Mb, pdf
Amman - Jordan ‎
October 26-28 2009‎
Download the Presentation


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